Omega Can Handle All of Your Commercial Needs

Omega handles all types of Commercial Audio / Video configurations and installations

Commercial Services

Access Control/Building Surveillance

Access Control for Entry and interior doors.
Elevator access control by floors.
Parking Access Control Gate controls for vehicles and pedestrians.
New construction or retrofitting an existing building.

Telephone Entry Systems

Automated phone systems to allow guest access to the building without a concierge
The security of this system depends heavily on the individuals discretion.

Surveillance Systems

Large Scale (256 Camera Systems) and Single DVR Parking CCTV Emergency Call Boxes.

Distributed Satellite Systems

MDU Systems, Office towers and residential properties.
A distributed satellite for the building to share, avoiding the unsightly collections of individual dishes that adorn the façade of so many buildings.

Amenity Systems

Amenity systems for the resident and guest use in the common areas.
They include the Theater, Media Room, Active Game Rooms, Background Music, Elevator Music and Wi-Fi access.

Energy Management

Lighting Control Systems, Shade Control, HVAC Control (all accessible by one net portal for the concierge)