Geosyntec Consultants and Engineers ~ Atlanta Campus

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Omega Audio Video, LLC has completed a dynamic and user friendly conference room system for Geosyntec’s Atlanta office.  The video system consists of a 110” Da-Lite in-ceiling Electrol Motorized Screen, two Toshiba 55” LED TV’s for side and overflow viewing all switched by WyreStorms 4:4 HDMI Matrix switch.  The Omni-Mount RE-18 AV rack contains a Sony Receiver, Rack PC with dual monitor outs, Wireless Keyboard Dock, Universal Remote MRF-350 receiver along with an integrated thermal management system and locking front and rear doors.  The entire system is controlled by an activity based MX-3000 Universal Remote Control table top LCD touchscreen.  The system is setup for minimal button presses to accomplish many complex tasks.  With the three video screens, Geosyntec can display a PowerPoint on the main 110” screen from PC1, a PDF of plans on the left 55” LED and meeting notes on the right 55” LED.  “Multiple users with minimal or no training use this system often and we are very happy with the level of control and simplicity,” Jeff Hesson, Geosyntec IT Department

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